Wednesday, June 1, 2011

3D Sex and Zen Extreme Ecstasy Feedback and Comments

wow ..let pack and go Taiwan ...Shiok...

Chinese and Japanese are just as dirty when it comes to sex. Now you know why the flesh is the first to rot when you die?
Adult does not mean you can enjoy pollution of the mind, heart and soul!

By the way, Lets just hope theres no squirting towards the camera, That wouldnt be pleasant in 3D

Im not a porn lover but OH BOY I WOULD WATCH THIS!!!! Oh how I love the Asians

WOW, i wonder will show in Singapore..

Wha....@#$% shiok, this sort of experience is really adrennin pumping.... why don't Singapore have this? Btw, for those prone from HEART ATTACK, please refrain from seeing this show!

In Singapore People Should Be More Open And Educate The Young Children About Sex And Not Hide It From Them.

Taking advantage of the 3D trend now ... Here in Hong Kong, they are promoting the movie as "boobs will fly out of the screen & bounce right in front of your face" ... what marketing !!!

Pls la...what's so wrong with the pic?? Not as if it show 80% of their body...

too much flesh were exposed on the picture, pls change...remember this is accessible to young minds.

Friday, May 27, 2011

3D Sex and Zen Feedback, Comment and Jokes

The purpose must be pure commercial. The viewers think they may learn something. Why else is it so exiting to see other people copulate. Must be a part of the baby booming campain.

Porn???? Thought this is a RA21 moive? RA = to Restricted Art not pornograpahy. Down just down grade it because you can't accept it. In western culture, this is nothing compared to what they have. We should be more open minded. If owner of yahoo get paid for it's promoting something artistic why not? If it really PORN, do you thimk MDA will allow it?

Will this be shown in SG? GV or Cathay...pls buy the rights to screen it in ur cinemas...sure full house...=) with the surround system...OMG!!

Nowadays is the world of Internet and u supposed to educate Yr kids about prevention, not asking yahoo to stop publishing the latest news. Maybe u might not know, Yr kids are surfing porn while u r not around at home. Be logical !

Why such a desperate, indiscreet promotion of pornography on your homepage, Yahoo!!??!??!! Can you please exercise some decency for the sake of our children? Or should i simply remove Yahoo! as my default homepage?

Well, I was only expecting this. I mean...... someone has to think of it someday, right?

3D Porn ? hahahahaha....What will they think of next ? ...LMFAO....hahahahaha

think report is ok but how come no censorship of video cos some graphical scene even tho a few micro seconds?

........has the filming completed already? of known many of the scenes would take place in Taiwan!.......Anyone???? Yes, agreed with others - "this is only rated R(A)"

........wah,,,will definitely enjoy watching if it's ready,,,in Taipei or Taichung,,,and then return to the mountainous tea/holiday resort in Kee-Lung.

Wow! Imaging the boobs 'popping out' of the screen and u can imagine licking it. SYIOK! I can foresee male audience jerking off in the theatre.. HAHA. On the contrary, beware of the sperm of the male actor 'shooting out' of the screen as well onto your face.. LOL.

I hope it comes with subtitles!

Is Chinese Movie Industry in dire straights ....they have to come up with a first 3D porn to entice?

"Sex Tourism" has now got a new meaning LOL!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

3D Sex & Zen Feedback from Internet Users

Jack Neo is promoting Singapore own porn industry too!!
"Sex in the back seat"
Go Jack GO!! There is money to be make here

dunno why now porn so many ppl like and so famous disgraceful!!.

what so nice about that ??? I've got to know a web site which has better porn movie than this. Like men with two dicks performing....... also ballerina sex and so on...

The first one was more like a bad story line with silly ending. I don't know how is the recent one screening in Taiwan.

who wanna join me go Taiwan?..let go and try it out...Thank Yahoo for promoting ..BTW at which Cinema? at Taipei or Kaoshiung???

well... I suppose it was only a matter of time... :p

Yahoo, please be socially responsible and stop promoting porn in this website. Our society is decadent enough. Have some responsibility and accountability to young minds and lustful male adult minds especially the married ones who tend to stray!

looks like another lame movie by HK

This piece garbage is worthy news headline?
Something funky must be going on inside yahoo news boardroom...

This series is not porn, but rated R(A).
since when it got upgraded to porn?? hey Yahoo, get your facts right.

Hongkong cinema desperate to catch eyeballs and what is the best way to do it, show some skin. Hongkong cinema has a long way to catch with Korean movies and Japanese Movies. Showing boobs won't help in the long run.

Japan came out 3D JAV quite some time ago.
We cant stop the trend of 3D movie.
Just treat it as a R21 Movie

Yiikes women in silicones seducing men to perform sex acts on them .. yucky yucky sleaze

Didnt know Yahoo is so desperate for web hits. Google still rules even without these cheesy headlines.

Friday, April 22, 2011

3-D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy overtakes Avatar Movie

Hong Kong audiences are lovers of 3-D lovemaking.

3-D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy became the biggest box office hit in Hong Kong since James Cameron’s Avatar, grossing 2.78 million Hong Kong dollars on the opening day; Avatar lost by HK$0.15 million.

The erotic comedy bills itself as the world’s first 3-D erotic film, but producer Stephen Shiu admits that a South Korean film last year called Natali had the same filming method. However, this is a first for theatres, since most erotic films go straight to DVD. The movie shows full nudity and partially hidden sex scenes, but not the actual intercourse.

The up-close and personal story of a young scholar’s sexual exploits in ancient China is an adaptation of the classical novel, The Carnal Prayer Mat. It stars Japanese porn stars Hara Saori and Suo Yukiko along with Hong Kong actress Vonnie Liu.

China's censorship has kept the movie out of the country, but Hong Kong has rated the movie for ages 18 and up. The eager Chinese viewers who have crossed the border contributed largely to the success of the film; Shiu guesses up to half the business in some theatres comes from these outsiders.

Friday, April 15, 2011

3D Sex and Zen Comments from Public

How good a movie depends on its storyline and the ways and shots that were taken, 3d would only be an added enhancement for its effects. I once paid $14 dollars for a 3d movie and for the whole show I think the most obvious 3d effects comes from its subtitle!!!

Nowadays, competition is massive in the business world. In order to sustain and outshine competitors, state-of-the-art technolo---- has to be incorporated. Hence, now you have 3-D
Chinese porn movie. Forgive my ignorance for not knowing the existence of 3-D porn movie
as far back as in the early 90's.

Is it a XXX hardcore movie or something like a softcore with storyline/plot movie? Which is boring....

Fantasy, fanatic & fetish all in one. Fuel them together, what do you get??
Tempest Lust Reactor.

See cannot touch for WHAT! Save the money and help the Foreign Thrashs in Geylang.

Previously what we called is 'Malaysia Boleh' and now followed by 'Cina Boleh' ppppeeeerrrrgh...
award to all of the crews, you all done a very good job....

3-D pron been around, not new thing.
But can it help in baby production ???

Nothing new. I've watched 3D porn (complete with 3D glasses) in Sydney in the early 90's.

I've already booked a copy from my regular masar malam dvd seller :)

COOL~~~~ cant wait to watch that!! :)

What would they think of next? Sign...

Who says Asians are conservative people?

more reason to get a Samsung 3D LED TV :)

Get real people - why would you fly to some other country to watch 3D or whatever porn movie if you can have a natural sex wherever you are?

haha... what can i say... now u'll feel like you're actually there.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Extreme Ecstasy Feedback from Readers

Great, they transformed my viewpoint on porn. :D

wah! why so excited over this 3D stuff.

You can always watch live performance - in close up.

After The Forbidden Legend Sex and Chopsticks 2008 ..think this is the CATIII not to be miss!!!!!!!!!!!

wa lan wei...this news came in so late ah?? last year already hot on our heels on this movie loh.............................

One man's smut is another's art.
Do censors get steamed up looking at stuff they're supposed to snuff?
Unless they're not carbon-based life-forms they're gonna be aroused like any of us.
Perhaps they use their level of arousal as the yardstick to snip.
Do they release their libido in the office? Haha.

I guess it will be tough for the cleaners after every show. You can't sweep. You have to be careful not to slip & fall - VIVIVI Mind Invasion

3D porn can save japan.....

I love porn

They will screen this moving at Sentosa. 4D porn. Please, don't forget to take a frying pan to enjoy the movie and stay safe from behind.

This is gonna be bigger than Avatar! Sex is on everyone's mind... man, woman and child. Only sometimes they're not aware of it, or don't want to admit it. Just ask Freud.

Women love money much more than sex.
Men need sex much more than money.
A perfect symbiotic mutualism.

They predicted that 3D is a fad that will fade into oblivion like past intros. Well porn will save the day.

Well this is not new!
3D porn flicks have been coming out of America for decades. With the advances in 3D tele's, its another boost for the porn industry. Yes!! Cant wait....

School children have sex education, adults have sex promotion.

i don't wan any so called porn or r crap... i want hardcore!! lol...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Feedback on Yahoo Regarding 3D Sex and Zen as Headline

and yahoo news is helping to promote porn... giving the go ahead to countless of readers, and mind you, teens and children as well. please do take the graphic picture down, thank you.


so, yahoo news is promoting porn. yes... take the pic on 1st page down. thanks.

are we able to see this movie in singapore?

so we getting this in sg ?

Wow! sex scenes in 3D. The director sure did not leave much for the audience to imagine. Bet the tour operator will organize part 2 immediately after the movie. With such a big group of captured (horny) audience, the Taiwanese Sex Industry will receive a sudden inject of cash during this period. Would be interesting to be able to track and correlate this event with the statistics of STD in China and Taiwan further downstream.

yes, please take this down. Too much for us to take.

mind changing the pic on the first page?...bit too much "meat".

Make sure You are vaccinated if you want to travel for this useless kind of spa.

Friday, March 25, 2011

3D Sex & Zen News

21 Mar - China Times Weekly reported that porn tourists are so desperate for three dimensional titillation, they are preparing to fly from the Chinese mainland to Taiwan for the Hong Kong-produced sex flick, "3D Sex & Zen: Extreme Ecstasy".

According to the source, it is 99.99% likely not to make release on Mainland screens, so quick-witted travel agencies have launched a tourist package to Taiwan that climaxes with a two-hour ogle at what is said to be the world's first 3D porn film.

Said to be loosely based on Li Yu's 17th century classical Chinese erotic literature "The Carnal Prayer Mat", this HK $20 million 3D re-update of the 1991 HK classic erotica stars HK porn star Vonnie Lui, Japanese AV actresses Yukiko Suo and Saori Hara opposite HK-based Japanese male model Hiro Hayama.

The film will reportedly chronicle the adventures of a young man who, after being introduced to the erotic world of a duke, realises his ex-wife is the love of his life and features "orgies, swinging and some very graphic sex scenes."

Chinese tour agencies have reserved one cinema for five screenings of the much-publicised film. (WOW!)

It is further speculated that this is expected to contribute NT$400,000 (US$13,500) to the box office, as at least 1,000 Chinese tourists will want tickets.

The One Dollar Distribution film starring Vonnie Lui is scheduled to premiere in Hong Kong on 14 April and is currently being showcased in a booth of its own at the ongoing Hong Kong International Film and TV Market (FILMART).

Source: Yahoo

Thursday, March 24, 2011

3D Sex & Zen Extreme Esctasy Poster

3D Sex & Zen Esctasy Poster
Above: 3D Sex & Zen Esctasy Poster

A reworking of 1991 Hong Kong cult sensation Sex And Zen, the upcoming 3D Sex And Zen: Extreme Ecstasy is being widely billed as the world's first 3D sex film. It's not true, of course - I doubt it's even true of the new generation of 3D technology - but since when did facts get in the way of a good story?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

3D Sex & Zen Promotion Video

The first ever Chinese 3D porn video...

3D Sex & Zen!

Based on Li Yu's 17th century classical Chinese erotic literature "The Carnal Prayer Mat", this Hong Kong $20 million 3D re-update of the 1991 Hong Kong classic erotica stars Hong Kong porn star Vonnie Lui, Japanese AV actresses Yukiko Suo and Saori Hara opposite Hong Kong-based Japanese male model Hiro Hayama.

Comments from Youtube users:

f*ck the storyline, I just want to see them f*ck.

More and more in Blue - ray. I will see in my 3d Led TV, with 3d glass.

I wanna see more big natural neh neh in this one.....