Wednesday, June 1, 2011

3D Sex and Zen Extreme Ecstasy Feedback and Comments

wow ..let pack and go Taiwan ...Shiok...

Chinese and Japanese are just as dirty when it comes to sex. Now you know why the flesh is the first to rot when you die?
Adult does not mean you can enjoy pollution of the mind, heart and soul!

By the way, Lets just hope theres no squirting towards the camera, That wouldnt be pleasant in 3D

Im not a porn lover but OH BOY I WOULD WATCH THIS!!!! Oh how I love the Asians

WOW, i wonder will show in Singapore..

Wha....@#$% shiok, this sort of experience is really adrennin pumping.... why don't Singapore have this? Btw, for those prone from HEART ATTACK, please refrain from seeing this show!

In Singapore People Should Be More Open And Educate The Young Children About Sex And Not Hide It From Them.

Taking advantage of the 3D trend now ... Here in Hong Kong, they are promoting the movie as "boobs will fly out of the screen & bounce right in front of your face" ... what marketing !!!

Pls la...what's so wrong with the pic?? Not as if it show 80% of their body...

too much flesh were exposed on the picture, pls change...remember this is accessible to young minds.

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